Lion Pride Team

Lion Pride began in March of 2020….

Lion Pride is a grassroots organization which was established to assist the families of Lake Forest Elementary in Sandy Springs, GA.  When families were hit hard by the loss of the jobs in the midst of the pandemic. Teachers and neighbors began collecting funds, selling baked goods and art to raise money to help these families.

The majority of the LFE parents are working in the service industry, restaurants, hotels, construction, and they have lost their jobs or have reduced hours during this pandemic.  Lion Pride connects these families with charitable organizations in Sandy Springs, such as CAC, Solidarity Food Pantry and Peachtree Presbyterian Church.  Lion Pride assists with any needs not meet by these organizations or supplements support given by these organizations. 

To date, the organization has purchased food, medicine, diapers, cleaning supplies, and we have paid utility bills, rents and even late fees for apartment complexes that have not been willing to work with us… grrr!  These are good, hard working families that just don’t have any extra financial resources and this pandemic has hit them hard.  We thank you for any assistance you can provide us in supporting these hard working parents and their children through this tough time. 

We truly believe we are in this together.  Thank you.

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