Thank You!

3/3/2022- Thank you for your continued support! This summer, we are looking to send 100 kids from our school to summer camp.

11/2021- Thank you for your donations! Lion Pride was able to provide a $250 grant to pay for this year’s “Girl’s on the Run” program and was able to pay $75 dollars for their party after their big run!

10/2021- Thank you for the treasure box donations! Students at Lake Forest love spending their hard-earned dojo points on amazing prizes!

9/3/2021- Lion Pride was able to help an amazing teacher, Ms. Fults, purchase a really cute carpet for her classroom! Thank you for your donations!

5/27/2021- End of another year here at Lake Forest! Because of your donations, we are able to send over 30 kids to summer camp this year! Summer camp options include art camp, karate camp, and gymnastics camp. See you next year!

3/1/2021 – Thank you to everyone who has donated to Lion Pride! Your assistance has not gone unnoticed- many families have had food, rent, and basic utilities covered as we continue to work through the pandemic!

1/1/2021 – Thank you to ALL our Christmas Sponsors – our families were so blessed to have this type of support in during the Holiday Season! If you want to see pictures – join our Facebook!
2020 – Thank you for everyone who has supported the Lake Forest Community in 2020 – because of you over 42,000 was raised and over 50 families were supported and helped in our community!

11/1/2020 – Thank you to EVERYONE who made our October matching campaign a success! While we raised money for a specific family who lost their mom, our donor matched it up to $3,000!

12/1/2020 – Our Coat & Uniform Drive has also been a GREAT SUCCESS! Thank you Kairos Church & Holy Innocence and our Sandy Springs neighbors for all that you have given.

2020 – We have loved every single note of gratitude from our precious neighbors & thought you would enjoy reading them too!

Family w/ covid – LP Paid Rent
“I don’t know how to thank you for what you have done for my family and we are so grateful. Thank god that you are our angel. God bless you and that he will give you good health. I hope you and your family are safe. This is something that we won’t forget that you have done for us and we are completely thankful.”

Family – LP Helped with Bills
“Mom said she is so grateful and is without words. She sends blessings to us and our families and the families of all those helping.”

“Thank you very much for your help a thousand thanks for your help. Oh miss we are over with joy and can not say thank you enough.”

LP took groceries
“Hey Mrs. Gray I just wanted to say thank you so much for all you have done for my family. I really appreciate all your help. I wanted to tell you that today was the day I got to go back to work.”

LP paid months overdue power bill
OK thank you very much. And to all I am very grateful.”

LP – Paid gave rent assistance
Thank you so much Mrs. Gray I just went to the mail and I saw the mail you sent me I really appreciate everything you have done for my family. Just a head up they sent me a message from my job they will be opening back June 8th so hopefully I will be back on track. Thank you so much.”

LP –
“Thank you again. Thanks to you and to all of the people who are helping us! It is very generous on their part. I truly say thank you to all of the people and the organization behind all of this”

Thank you to ALL our donors! We are so grateful for your support of the families in our community.

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